Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On Being A Common Man...

The country is facing attacks, explosions repeatedly, and resulting into common man loosing their lives. That makes us feel like what are we waiting for, when will stand up and clean our house. Mumbai, where millions manage their bread and butter, now has become a battle ground, where for a common man, the question is to Stay Alive first, not the Food. There are so many questions, which are left behind after these incidents. Those who have been chosen by us, for our nation, for its citizen, have to answer those questions. By this time, everyone would have understood that whatever happed, starting from 26t's night, is not an extempore play, but a result of well planned and practiced act maniac mind. The terrorist, who according to Police Sources and Media, arrived same day or a day before on scene using some boat, are not the only who are involved in this activity. There must have been several others who were staying in the city, and would have been executing the mock trials this act.
Those who arrived from somewhere, they just gave the plot to this havoc and provided the initial thrust to whole activity. Like may be, some terrorist were already staying in Oberoi and Taj, and have been observing strategic positions, so that they can have an edge on Security arrangements, because only guns and explosive can not let them do what they were intended to. There were indeed some people, already checked in hotel with some guns/explosive etc. Because the way they were using their ammunition, it seems they have huge amount of it, 2-3 person can not carry that much of explosive to fight the nation’s so called Top security forces for 2-3 days.
Now the very first biggest question that arises is that all these explosives should not have even reached Mumbai. What is our Border Police meant for, and what Coast Guard has been doing then? Just think if these malicious minds would have been stopped on border, we might not have been forced to face this condition. This type Lack in Security Arrangements also put a question mark on utility of our Intelligence Agencies, what they are meant for, if they are working like some state police.

Second question is that, unfortunately, our country has been facing terror attacks since years, we have witnessed enough blood shed of our brothers and sisters, was that all not more than enough to open the eyes of our Great Politicians, who boast to be our true leaders, to enhance the security arrangements, beef up the safety arrangements and groom up intelligence activity, pack all the three land, water, and air borders, review and update the Security Policies to put a check on each and every small and big doubtful activity? Why was there only some Policemen fighting with Terrorist using their Service Revolver and old junk rifles for hours, while their opponents were having sophisticated automated weapons? Why do we not have advanced security measures in sensitive areas? Why the Terrorism has got the first priority when we talk but it’s missing from our Actions?

When everything was over, it was not a good morning indeed...the scene actually there was something where the mass was responding to the current situation beyond the limits of words...?
Some reputed news channels were propagating the same old rhyme that “its Mumbai…it goes on…etc.” knowing that it does go on but not because it has guts.
But it’s because common man have no other choice. They are feeling helpless.
Those innocent common men are asking questions to themselves that “Is there nothing we are left with to hold the control of our own lives? And those poor people are forced to answer their own question with a real “BIG NO”. More or less this is the theme everywhere else in our country...And those self centered, squirt politicians who are being chosen by us are the one playing football with our heads...We are so unfortunate that our protector is the head of manslayer...
Similarly there are many more questions that must be answered, but whatever is being inscribed here is the voice of Common Man, without any Statistic and Analysis, which is the favorite act of our loving and caring Politicians. In current scenario, I feel that Lack of Leadership is the worst curse, and this is what making a common man feel helpless...that we are left with nothing we can count on...and we can go to someone and say. “Dear Sir! Please do something for heaven sake... and don’t let us die like insects.” We are forced to live with a kind of intermediate anger blended with fear that tomorrow we have to reach office to keep managing our bread and butter...There is no question of guts absolutely.

During conversation with one of my friend I said “I feel like I am choking when I found myself bound to live with this kind of imbalance and havoc sucks when I breathe...” He replied “It’s same everywhere brother. It’s like pollution and you have to live with it. Our body adjusts to pollutions and our minds to such acts.” He is very true, in present scenario. But my problem is that “I don’t want to carry the blame of transferring this kind of society and place to our coming generation... but is it like really there is no other way to run? That friend of mine, still foresee some rays of hope, amidst the fog of dashing hopes and says that “We are reluctant to find a way, it seems now.” Adding to his thoughts, he concluded that when there were Kings like Shiva Ji Maharaj, then too there were intruders and invaders like Afzal Khan, Shahiste Khan but they were handled by our Prajaa-Paalak. And now days also, still we have them; we term them as Terrorist but unfortunately our Rulers lack in handling them. We are unfortunate enough to have that Janta Raja again in our Country, who respects the glory of our nation as mother-land and not just as a piece of land to live and die.

And at last but not least, media is loosing the sense of responsibility towards nation and its citizen. During more than 51 hours battle against terrorist, there have been several occasions that keep media in witness box. They started covering the whole scene as if they are in some kind of race, to spread any rubbish type of news, let it be the news that spread out about Terrorist having killed their mastermind in some boat, or rumors on number of Terrorists, or the spicy approach of showing visuals of terror site or helping terrorists by covering each and every activity of Security Team and there are many more. Wake up brothers and sisters, our country need us. May those who lost their lives, their soul rest in peace, and their force remain with us, and help us to come out of our sub-consciousness to protect our mother-land. Vande-Maataram.